Some yoga exercises that can help your shoulders get better
Anyone who knows about anatomy will know that shoulder is the most flexible joint in the body, it can be stretched, rotated and moved in a circular motion.

In everyday life, for many reasons people often suffer from "sticking shoulder".

In some cases, the victim is about 40 0r 50. Some cases are about gestures. Of course, many of yoga postures can cause shoulder problems.

Many people just start yoga or have never studied before. At the beginning, it was not good enough. How do you make your shoulders elastic?

Today we recommend some simple and safe postures. A yoga posture that opens the shoulders. All we need is a wall. Whether it is at home or at the office, it can be practiced!

Position 1 - 2: Stretches the muscles in front of the shoulders.

Stand facing the wall. Put your right arm attached to the wall. The arm is horizontalwith the shoulder. Stretch the the shoulder for 30 seconds.

Bend the elbow behind the wall. The palm rests on the outside for 30 seconds and then turns.

Position 3-4: Stretch the muscles of the inside of the shoulders.

Stand facing the wall. Stretch the right hand up to the wall. Note that the arms extend straight over the shoulder for 30 seconds.

Bend the arm in the middle of the back and hold for 30 seconds.

Positions 5-6: Stretches the inner / shoulder area.

Facing the wall Standing away from the wall one leg. Push two hands on the wall. Fold the hip from shoulder to shoulder for 30 seconds.

Gradually go down to kneel on the floor. Both hands and the arm is stuck on the shoulder wall for 30 seconds.

Position 7: Stretch the muscles around the outside of the shoulders.

Facing the wall. Keep your right hand stretched to the left to attach the wall. The left hand stretches to the right side to the same wall. Hold down for 30 seconds.

Position 8: Stretch the shoulder muscles.

Position 8: Stretch the shoulder muscles.

Turn back to wall Two hands push the back wall. Bend the knee slightly, straighten the shoulder for 30 seconds.

Finally, before the above posture, all must warm up before the body. May be used to pay homage to the sun or high legs. After you have moved the joints will work better. Do not act immediately without warm body physically.

If you feel that the above positions are too difficult. Try these tips that are recommended by your doctor.

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