Unique present decoration for your lover
Your lover is absolutely touched when receiving your unique present.

Love until now has been brought people to various layer of emotion. Love can make people happier as love connects two strange people to each other. In “Five love languages”, Gary Chapman shares about various ways we feel in love. In the book, the author mentions 5 main love languages are: words of affirmation (write love poem or simply write words of affirmation as decoration on the wrapping paper of your gifts), quality of time, receiving gifts, acts of service and physical touch. It is easily seen that gifts/presents are great way to strengthen your relationship. Gifts present your care about your partner as well as create a romantic atmosphere.

But how to make a cover for your gift that is unique as well as can illustrate your care? Follow the following steps to make a “gentleman” present.

Step 1: prepare a medium-sized box (the size of box can depend on the size of your present), black, red and white wrapping paper, black hard paper, some button holes, tape, scissors.

Step 3: cut black wrapping paper in the form of the box then use tape to stick the wrapping into the blx as the new “appearance” of the box.

Step 4: cut white wrapping paper into a smaller square one to make a shirt shape. Then use stick the square on the surface of the box where you have just make a new cover.

Step 5: use black hard paper to cut into two rectangular-shape pieces used for making a vest.

Step 6: making a knot.

Step 7: stick button holes.

Step 8: make a vest pocket

Here is some recommendations which refer to the best gift for your partner:

Gift 1: Learn your partner’s “Love languages”

Gift 2: Pursue passion

Gift 3: Allow space for solitude

Gift 4: Don’t skimp on time together

Gift 5: Crack down criticism

Gift 6: Actively listen to your partner

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