Two men attempt to erase some moles on their faces, after some examinations, they found out a shocking result!!!
Turns out, those mole on his face are a sign of the basal cell carcinoma cancer!!!

It is advisable that every single person should do a thorough check once every year. If there is abnormal sign on our body, we can detect and do something about it. However, not so many people do it. As a result, we usually find out about our health condition when it’s seriously sick.


In order to look more appealing, these two men have come to the hospital to burn some moles on their faces. As a part of the process, doctor has assigned them to do some examination for conduct the surgery.

When the result is returned to the patient, a shocking true is being unveiled. Turns out, those moles are not normal one, they actually are sign of the basal cell carcinoma cancer.


The moles on their faces have different shades and size as the normal one. They’re 4 times bigger and have a little bit of redness inside each mole.

After receiving the results, the two soon take to the hospital for further treatment.

Here are some signs which show that whether yours is cancer mole or not


If the outline of the moles is blurred, the border between the skin and the moles is not clear, which is unusual for other moles, it can also be cancerous.


Nốt ruồi - dấu hiệu báo ung thư bạn cần biết

The mole is not the same color as any other mole on the skin, regardless of the color: brown, black, dark blue, white or red are suspicious. Normal mole will have a certain color, similar and evenly on the skin.


Nốt ruồi - dấu hiệu báo ung thư bạn cần biết

If the nodules are prominent on the skin, the examination is necessary. Malignant tumors usually develop rapidly in size. A mole that grows, changes color, causes itching, discomfort or bleeding is really alarming.

If you have these signs, you must do an examination right away!!

Kieu Anh

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