Super easy fishtail braid style for girls that anyone can try for school or party
Watch this video for not only you but also your girls!

Many people think that hair braiding is only for children. However, you can still have braids but still look stylish and fashionable. Therefore this hairstyle can be considered a "national" one that anyone can try. We will introduce the super cool and effortless hairstyle to make you and your kids the "queens of the town".

First you tie your hair normally with the hair band. Remember to do it tightly so that your hair won't get loose.

Then you do another tie on a lower half.

Put your finger into the hair part between two hair bands and pull the rest of the hair from outside in.

Do it the same on the lower half.

Add the bow on the hair band for decoration and adjust your hair for perfection.

That's it! Now you can show off your hairstyle to party, school or anywhere with this trendy look!

Watch video:

Credit: Elisabetsisters

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