The sexy hip like an apple made people 'desire' after a month
To Koreans who love slender beauty can not resist sexy body with apple hips. Join the hottest bodybuilding movement from Europe to Asia!

Small hips - the hottest body trend in Korea

In the past year, who is considered the most standard body in Korea? Not the idol or actor with the shape of crane bones - but this title belongs to her Ye Jung Hwa - a cosmetic trainer property round 3 "terrible." From a picture taken on the back of Jung Hwa, netizens were knocked out by her perfect curves by the small waist and the third round flourished, turning the apple hips into a new trend in the fitness field, aesthetic of this country.

Different from the skinny Korean girl, Jung Hwa's body is clearly three rounds and most especially the hip stretch of vitality, plus the gap between the legs is very moderate so the foot has a long feeling. out. Actually, having an apple hip like Jung Hwa is not easy. Not every big round 3 size is beautiful, but you need to have good firmness as well as a reasonable ratio between your waist, hips, and thighs. In order to have this body, Jung Hwa had to follow an extremely rigorous training regime. But if you do not have the conditions to practice every day like her, the apple's hips are not far off - just follow the simple habits and routines below.

Change the way you walk and posture

On The Body Show, bodybuilding trainer for a number of Korean stars such as Goo Hara (Kara), IU, Kim Tae Hee revealed - his "students" have a very bad habit of walking They are less curvy, "straight" and less attractive: Walking too light legs, hips, shoulders ... is one of the bad habits that make round 3 less developed and toned it!

Want beautiful people, three clear round, you first change the way to walk:

-Straight back, puff chest forward, push hips later to help strengthen the muscles and increase the size of the ring 3.

- When standing or walking, put force on the foot, the foot towards the inside:

Make sure you are squatting properly

When it comes to shaping the third round, squat is the exercise that topped the coaches' list. However, squat improperly can make you tired without any results. You need to know the principles of squat: When squat, to work on the muscles in the butt, help these muscles work and then increase the size of the ring. Therefore, you need to make sure you follow these 2 rules at the same time:

Spread both feet wide, just right hand, in front of the chest, slowly squat down so that the body force on the butt and heel, back with the butt into a straight line:

Watch video:

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