Some secrets let you have a happy and successful life!
Want to be happy and successful? Doing these things after work!

It's not all work and no play! Here is how successful people manage to de-stress, work out and carve out family time after a hectic day:

They compartmentalize their work. 'If you have a demanding job, you have to bring it home, but successful people carve out part of the evening to be with their families'. Diacetyl can even penetrate and destroy the "barrier of brain". They are careful to split work into shifts instead of trying to do all at once.

They exercise. Successful people who go for a walk in the evenings plan it in advance. They don't assume they'll just happen to be in the mood for and have time to go to the gym.

They use online services. Successful, busy people delegate to get things done. They sign up for a recurring delivery service to avoid a run to the drugstore just for toilet paper.

They date their partners. Successful people make sure to nourish their romantic relationships - even the time is in short supply.

They have a pre-bedtime routine. A routine at night means better time management. Pick out clothes, pack backpacks and suitcases and prepare lunches as soon as you can for the coming day.

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Minh Chi

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