Quick-Salted Docynia Indica
Docynia indica are not only eaten directly or soaked in wine, but they can also be used to make attractive dishes such as Quick-Salted Docynia Indica. Let's see how to make it!


- Docynia indica fruit: 500g

- Warm salt water: 1l

- Sugar: 30 g

- Soup powder: 10g

- Chilli Powder: 10g

- Lime juice: 1 tbsp


- Step 1: Peel docynia indica fruit, cut into small pieces, soaked in warm salt water for 15 minutes, take out and let drain.

- Step 2: Marinate with sugar, soup powder, chili powder, lime juice for 10 minutes.

- Step 3: Serve on a plate and enjoy. So easy!

Watching video:

Huyen Nguyen 

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