Pictures: When all we want is just such a peaceful and simple love
'Loving each other with peace of mind' is probably the love maxim that many people always look forward to. There is no need for big things because love is sometimes only made up of very simple moments.

Talking about love, what is the first thing you think of? Love is glittering, dramatic things or stormy billows like in movies? Or love is the romantic scenes, monumental symbols like in the novel? The answer is no, actually, love is so much simpler.

Love is something lies behind closed doors, where there is no audience, readers, where only there are people spending all their hearts to each other. It is the moment when the sun is shining, people are first seen when opening their eyes is the one they love the best. It is the moment in the sunset there are two persons hand in hand watching street view with each other or lying on the lawn, watching the stars and chatting pairs of trivia. Love is sometimes just simple and peaceful like that.

Love may start when we were 17-year-old boys and girls with a little bit of vibration at first

Love is giving little romantic surprises that are so cute to partner

Every moment we want to come together

Peace is to be placed in your arms and dreaming of our future

Love is when I can wheedle you thoughtlessly, because I know on standing in front of you, I do not even need to grow up

Love is sometimes simply a surprise hug from the back,...

... is sharing a favorite snack and watching a classic movie together

No need to go anywhere, just be together, every horizon is happy and full of laughter

Because you love me, even if I am sometimes childish, sometimes a little crazy, sometimes difficult to understand, you still just smile and tolerate me

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Kim Ngan Do

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