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Oil tanker explosion causes huge fire
The huge explosion causes serious damages.

An oil tanker explosion in China causes a huge fire on the road, with flames stretching back hundreds of metres.

At the beginning, everything was still normal, cars moved on the road slowly

Suddenly, an oil tanker was exploded

A dramatic dashcam video of the incident near Beijing, shows the liquefied petroleum gas - which leaked onto the road - ignite, completely engulfing a car.

Beside the black car, the white car didn't back timely

At that time, there was also a white car that was coming didn't back timely. The whole car seemed to be emerged into the flame. Moreover, flames then shoot into the air and right along the side of the road, burning vegetation for at least 50 metres along the highway.

The flame spread into other areas

Emergency services came to the scene and quickly brought the fire under control.

A netizen commented "I was hopeful that the people in the car that caused the ignition of the fluids as well as the white car were able to back up quickly and get out of there, but seeing the footage afterward, it doesn't seem to be the case."

Another person said "Right car accidently ignited gas."

The damages about humans and prosperity were still published. The incident was being investigated, according to local media.

Watching video:

Source video: Newsflare


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