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Do not ever look down anyone, just look at your own behaviour
But, the truth is, she can not imagine that her ex-boyfriend now is a boss, and is her boyfriend's boss.

It’s great that you have self-confidence. The question is how much of your confidence is healthy self-esteem and how much is fueled by insecurities? You see, many folks mask jealousy by trying to knock down others.

This story is about how you treat someone in past and at present. This young couple used to have a good  and happy time together, but one day, the girl left because the boy too poor, can not afford for the girl's life and their future. The girl left, and looked for another rich man, who can afford for her life.

They started argued, and the girl started talk bad about the boy, about his salary, and said there is no future for both of them. So, the best idea is broke up

The boy still begged for her come back but there is no hope for this love if do not have enough money

He tried to explain, told her that he would try to earn money, to afford for their life. He begged her don't leave him. Stay with him and try with him, they will have a bright future. However, the girl still left.

Many years later, like destiny, they met each other. At present, the girl, of course, found for herself a man who can afford for her, but the man now is richer than he used to be 

They talked, and the girl still humiliated her ex-boyfriend because she thought he is still poor

But, the truth is, she can not imagine that her ex-boyfriend now is a boss, and is her boyfriend's boss.

The girl and her boyfriend now is waiting for the boss came and discuss about works

Surprisingly, the boss is her ex-boyfriend, the man that she had said broke up and left him.

We can see the girl face: surprised, shocked and regretted

Now, the girl is totally shocked and regretted about her saying to her ex-boyfriend. 

Confidence is good, but sometime you should know how to control yourself. Confidence does not mean that you have right to look down others. Becasue you will not know that who they will be in future.

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