No need any coach, just do this rope skipping lesson at home and all of your fat will disappear for good
Unlike other complicated exercises at the gym, rope skipping is very easy to perform and bring us great outcomes than we think.

Jumping rope is a weight loss exercise that is considered to be the simplest and most effective. On average you will burn about 150 calories just after 15 minutes of jumping. This amount of calories is equivalent to one hour of slow walking.

First you need to buy a rope of a length that fits your height. In order to know the proper length of the string, you can fold the string back and forth, trample the string and stretch the handle upward with your shoulders. If the handle does not reach the armpit, it means the rope is too short, if it is too high, it means the rope is too long. Then warm up before following these exercises:

1. Traditional skipping: Jump with both feet for 90 secs

2. Kick the can: Jump with 1 leg folded backwards for 45 secs

3. Cross jumping: Cross your arms and jump for 60 secs

4. Skip rope backwards for another 90 secs

You may feel very tired and short of breath after only a minute of jogging during your first session. In case you feel too tired, skip for only half of the time then relax for 10-15 seconds before continuing.

Take time to jump for 2 more minutes each day or after two days. Try to do it for 15 minutes each day. On average a 68 kg person burns 171 calories after a 15-minute jump. If you exercise twice a day, you will burn about 3,500 calories in just 10 days which means you can lose almost 1 kg just by jumping rope. Combined with a reasonable diet, weight loss will no longer be difficult to you anymore.

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