Netizens can not help laughing at babies who can sleep everywhere
If sleeping is a subject, babies are experts. There are a lot of funny ways of sleeping that you can't imagine if you don't witness.

For each mother, the moment of watching the baby sleep must be the most peaceful and sweet. This is mainly because looking at the angel sleeping, she feels a sense of happiness and proud of having brought a beautiful baby to this earth. So recently, when a mother showed  her sleeping babies off on the social networks, it was like touching the secret of the other mothers. This video will collect the funny moments shared by mothers.

Symbolic image

The babies in the clip can sleep "everywhere"without paying attention to any things around.

Image is cut from clip

Image is cut from clip

Image is cut from clip

Image is cut from clip

After being shared on the social networks, the video clip attracted a lot of views, shares and comments from the netizens especially the young parents. One netizen excitedly commented: " So cute, my son is the same"

Another commented: " Lovely angel, I would like to have one immediately".

Watch video:

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