Korean artist creating stylish hyper-realistic tattoos might make you want one too
A talented Korean tattoo artist with an unbelievable attention to detail is making waves for his stunning work.

In fact, Dongkyu Lee is visiting North America, spending time in Canada from May to July and the US from September to October due to high demand.

He makes tattoos you can easily mistake as some picture straight from the easel.

Lee’s interest in tattooing begins after his stint in the Korean army.

He reached out to Sanlee, another well-known tattoo artist, who then tested his skills by asking him to draw one picture a day for one year.

Robert Hernandes, Nikko Hurtado, and Domantas Parvainis are his greatest influences.

The apprentice eventually started his own career at Tattoo Korea, the nation’s largest tattoo shop, in 2012.

Since then, Lee saw his work flourish, with some 200,000 Instagram followers feasting on his talent.

“I want to express more creativity to my work. I’d like to find out how to add more emotions to my pieces as well. But still stay within the boundaries of realism,” Tattoodo quoted him as saying.

He describes his style as “basically realistic [or] hyper-realism,” although he is also working on “something more creative, but still within realism.”

When not inking skin, Lee immerses himself in oil painting and photography.

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Source video: q_tattoos

Source: q_tattoos

Hoang Ngan 

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