Hungry man breaks into Chinese restaurant to eat hotpot
Bizarre footage has emerged from China of a man allegedly breaking into a hotpot restaurant to eat and also take some food away.

Most of the case, when thieves have intention of stealing something, it must something sell worthy. However this case is totally different.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Hungry man breaks into Chinese restaurant to eat hot pot

In the CCTV video, captured in Chongqing last Wednesday, a man can be seen carrying a pot full of food into an elevator. After the door closes, he crouches down and starts to chow down.

He started to eat what seems to be chicken and then throws the bone of it at the corner of the lift

He was digging up and eat some more

It is unknown how the man could trespassing the restaurant and able to steal food even when the store was closed

According to local reports, the man was really hungry after he finished work at 2am, but most of shops were closed.

The man has now reportedly been arrested.

Netizens find it funny when they know why he trespasses the restaurant.

Linda Wong said: “He should leave some money behind and that will consider as he pays for the food.”

Haley Pham added: “He must be extremely hungry”

Another incident happens when people get hungry and can’t control their action. This delivery guy was caught eating topping off a pizza before hand it to the customer.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho delivery guy eats toppings

Who knows that hunger can make people get crazy like that?

Source: Newsflare

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