Heartbroken parent of twins forced to draw lots to decide which twin will be alive and the touching story behind
A couple in China let their twins draw lots to decide whom will be alive...

According to Asian custom, when babies turns one-year-old, the parents will let their babies draw lots to predict their future jobs.

A couple in China also let their twins draw lots but not to predict their future jobs, it is decide which twin will live.

According to the report, the elder twin (Healthy) suddenly experienced difficulties in breathing. Shortly, the younger brother (Happy) experienced the same symptoms and was rushed to the hospital.

Both had to be warded in intensive care but still had persistent high fever. The doctor said that the siblings were diagnosed with Chronic Granulomatuos Disease (CGD) (a genetic condition that significantly weakens the immune systems).

Transplantation is the only cure if not, the patient will die from an infection. However, the costs for two transplantation up to a hefty $145,270 (or RMB 1 million) - far more than poor parent can afford.

Desperate, the couple decided to make their children choose who would get the live-saving transplant by drawing lots.

Fortunately, a Charity-fund began a fund-raising campaign  to save both twins brother. Thankful, the boys' father said: "God didn't give up on my twins. But they still have to fight to survive till the day of transplant."

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Source video: BNews

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