Green Tea and Mint Cheesecake
If you are cake lovers, do not miss this tasty Green Tea and Mint Cheesecake!


- Egg: 4

- Cooking oil: 40 ml

- Sugar-free milk: 40 ml

- Sugar: 80 g

- Wheat flour: 50 g

- Corn starch: 45 g

- Green tea powder: 5 g

- Salt: 1/4 tsp

- Cream cheese: 300 g

- Powdered sugar: 90 g

- Mint syrup: 20 ml

- Whipping cream: 450 ml

- Green tea powder: 50 g


- Step 1: Add 4 egg yolks with 40 ml cooking oil, 40ml sugar-free milk, 20g sugar in a bowl, then use a sieve and put 50g wheat flour, 45g corn starch, 5g green tea powder through the sieve into the bowl, mix.

- Step 2: Use another bowl, add 1/4 tsp salt, 60g sugar, egg white then use electric mixer to mix until smooth and soft.

- Step 3: Mix two mixtures then put into the mold, bake at 150°C for 30 - 40 minutes.

- Step 4: Use electric mixer to mix 300g cream cheese, 90g powdered sugar and 20ml mint syrup.

- Step 5: Continue to use electric mixer and beat 450ml whipping cream until smooth and mix with cream cheese and mint.

- Step 6: Cut the baked cake into 3 layers. On each layer, sprinkle a little mint syrup and spread the cheese over the surface and around the cake. Cover the top layer by the green tea powder.

- Step 7: Cut into pieces and enjoy with your family!

Huyen Nguyen

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