Elderly man tumbles off escalator for 20 times in underground
Elderly Chinese man tumbles down a moving escalator repeatedly for ONE MINUTE after losing his balance.

This is the horrifying moment an elderly man in China tumbles repeatedly down a moving escalator for one minute.

The footage was taken on January 24 in Fuzhou, China's Fujian province.

After around one minute, a security guard can be seen rushing over to stop the machine.

Shocking: The man can be seen repeatedly tumbling down the escalator unable to get up

Accident: When the man first got onto the escalator he appeared to lose his footing

In the footage, the elderly man can be seen stepping onto the escalator.

He steps up and then suddenly loses his footing.

The man starts to fall backwards and tries to catch himself but he tumbles over hitting his head on the stairs.

He then flips completely over.

Unable to get up, he continues to spin as the escalator drags him.

A security guard suddenly sees the man and can be seen rushing over and hitting the emergency stop button.

Ouch: The man can be seen falling down the escalator and banging his head on the stairs

Dramatic: Unable to get up, the man continues to spin as the escalator drags him

Many people have been commenting on the video online.

One user said: 'Where is the security guard? Why did he appear so late?'

While another commented: 'Aging people are always helpless.'

And one user wrote: 'I feel bad for the old man, unlike teenagers, he cannot react fast to situation like this. And the security guard came too slow!'

This isn't the first case of incidents on escalators in China.

Earlier this month, an elderly woman was saved by a quick-thinking passerby after she fell on an escalator in Yantai, eastern China.

Watch video:

Source video: Newsflare

Source reference: Daily Mail

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