Elder sister cries at baby brother's first haircut
The little girl is really a big sister.

In our life, the thing that people can be born in the same family and become brothers and sisters is a special relationship. Some people are warm and happy. However, there are some people who are full of resentment due to silly reasons.

The big sister has made netizens melt hearts due to her cuteness through a video was posted on the social network recently. It shows that a little baby, Bella, feel sad when she knows that her brother is growing. One of the first thing he has to go through is to cut hair. The special thing is that he doesn't scare, but his elder sister does.

Bella accompanies her baby brother to his first ever haircut – protesting the whole way.

"It's going to be really sad," she says, asking why they have to grow up. Their mother tries to reassure her on the way there but Bella doesn't look convinced.

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As the boys blonde curls drop off, she bursts into tears. "She is such a great big sister," her mother said. "She even gets to keep a few locks of his baby curls, which she lovingly cuddles to her face."

Her reaction is so cute and their affection is really pure.

Watching video:

Souce video: Newsflare

Source: Newsflare


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