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Duo performs crazy headstand 'mirror' stunt
The video shows a pair of men in Indonesia peforming an incredible 'mirror' headstand stunt.

Have you ever seen 2 men perform  headstand stunt? These 2 men will blow up your mind

A pair of men in Indonesia peform an incredible 'mirror' headstand stunt, with one balancing on the other's head, completely upside-down.

Both men then manage to sink into the splits, without falling.

"It’s our absolutely unique stunt," they wrote.

They have great skills!

These two men comes from Indonesia.

They performed incredible 'mirror' headstand stunt.

They started to sink into the splits.

One men was balancing on the other's head.

It's so amazing!

Headstands are good fun and require less gymnastic skill and flexibility than other stunts such as back tumbles, back flips or walking on your hands. While headstands are sometimes used in meditative practices, they can also a fun party trick. If you are new to headstands, there are a couple easy methods to try lifting yourself into one.

Watch video:

Source: Newsflare

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