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Dream job: Get paid to stay in luxury hotels, swim with sharks and post photos to Instagram
Vidanta, a collection of luxury resorts, is planning to recruit a brand ambassador, who will receive a salary of $ 120,000 to enjoy a dream vacation.

While a particularly hot summer with a record is slowly being replaced by the fall of the gray sky, it seems that people are not interested in going anywhere. But if you are not ready to wave goodbye to summer, this wonderful dream job may be for you.

Vidanta, a leading luxury resort company in Latin America, is launching its 'World's Best Work' campaign. The condominium group is looking for someone to stay at their high-end resort with the salary $ 120,000 per year. A lucky candidate will become a brand ambassador and social influencer to other resorts across Mexico such as Nuevo Vallarta, Riviera Maya, Los Cabos, Acapulco, Puerto Peñasco and Puerto Vallarta.

Mr. Iván Chávez, Executive Vice President of Vidanta Group, shared this dream job: 'The lucky candidate will enjoy the dream life at every resort in our collection; Exploring the ancient Mayan ruins, lakes, discovering the hottest restaurants, the hottest nightclubs, and joining the funniest entertainment show in the area. This is truly a thousand-year opportunity to have one. '

Not only will your wages be four times higher than the average British salary, you will also receive free travel and boarding passes at each Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta resort.

Then, what does your job entail? You will need to create inspirational content for visitors around the world with your first experience of local culture and Vidanta Resorts and posting them on social networks.

According to the job description, one day of your experience may include 'starting a new day by watching a baby turtle swim, roaming the Riviera Nayarit, swimming with whale sharks in the Caribbean Sea, enjoying parasailing, surfing, enjoying the cultural trip on the way to San José, watching the famous divers of Acapulco, learning about the UNESCO World Heritage site of El Pinacate. Finally, finishing the evening by watching the skyline along the Cortez Sea or tasting some great new dishes prepared by one of Mexico's most famous chefs.

Moreover, you do not have to have any experience to be eligible for the job - all you have to do is send your CV and a 60 second video on a topic of interest before 21/10.

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