DIY scalp scrub to get rid of dandruff, itchiness and promote hair growth
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Keeping the scalp clean and healthy is an integral part in having our hair growth. If the scalp is not cared for properly, then build-up from sweat, dirt and excess oils can block the follicles, resulting in a range of issues, from inflammation, to severe itching and dandruff.

Your hair is weak, your scalp is itchy?

Beauty blogger Sherry Maldonado has a special recipe that can help prevent all of these!

All you will used:

- 1/2 of Brown sugar

- 3 tbsp of Olive Oil (full of antioxidants, natural moisturizer, anti-inflammatory soothing properties)

- 4 tbsp of shampoo (Makes it easier to massage and remove it without leaving any residue)

- 10 drops of Tea tree oil (antimicrobial, antiseptic, anti fugal properties)

After blending all the ingredients together, you just have to apply it straight into your dry scalp. Massaging for 15 minutes then wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo. The result will surprise you!

A clean, healthy scalp will strengthen your hair root

Why you should do it:

Measurement changes depending on each person, so play around with the ingredients and find the consistency that you like. This recipe can be apply on dry hair twice a month

You should use this recipe twice a month to have the best result.

The Scalp is an extension of our face and is considered SKIN. But sometimes,  we forget about our scalp just because it is covered with hair. But see it from this point, we wash our face everyday right? but we do need more than washing our face in order to have better skin. That why we exfoliate, moisturize, tone it etc.

Beautiful, shiny hair can boost your look many times

So same it happens with our scalp. It needs more than just washing it like we normally do, it needs to be exfoliated to get it of product build up where most of the time is what causes dandruff and itchiness, because some gels, hairsprays etc leave tiny amounts of residue every time.

If we use them, besides the fact that the skin on our scalp is shedding faster than on the other parts of our body, and that is why it is very important to exfoliate and massaging it to take the flakes off your head and promote hair growth  Also Dandruff can clog pores, and that could be another reason for hair loss and thinning hair.

Watch here:

Video source: Sherry Maldonado


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