How to DIY origami heart in the easiest way
Follow this tips to give your handmade heart to your loved ones.

Origami is the art of folding paper (or art paper folding) originating from Japan. Origami in Japanese is derived from two words: "Ori" is folding and "kami" is paper. Origami was used only in 1880, before the Japanese used Orikata.

The video below will show you how to shape the cute and easy shaped heart with only few steps.

First you use the square shaped paper and fold it half.

Then fold the corner of the paper like in the picture below.

Follow the step like in the picture and your heart is completed.

Done! Now show off your masterpiece to your friends and family as your gifts.

Origami combines with simple folds to convert rectangular (2-D) paper, which is usually square into complex shapes (3-D), without cutting in the folding process and this is also the trend of modern Origami.

Watch video:

Credit: The Idea King

Ha Trz

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