Be careful! It's easy to become a target for criminals if you do these things
Crime is at all the time high! If we or anyone we know is attacked, we can't help but wonder, why us?

Many people have become victims of robbery in various ways: on the street, office, in a public transport, residence, at the beach, or other places. This experience sometimes leaves the victim in perpetual fear and trauma and may require psychological assistance.

Here we list of five factors which may be making you more prone to getting attacked.

Jogging while earphones plugged

You are simply shutting one of your two primary senses which may prevent an attack, your hearing ability. The chances of an attack significantly increase if you are in an isolated corner.

Busy texting or talking on phone

If you are texting a friend or are in a conversation at a public spot and totally engrossed, you maybe totally distracted and become a victim of robbers.

Hanging your bag loosely on the side that's near the road

If you're doing this, you may literally be perceived as ''begging'' to be stolen. The robber can snatch your bag away and just swoop away on the road.

Parking your car next to a Cargo van

This is the worst parking spot you can choose as it obstructs your sight. Any criminal can be hiding behind the van and can attack you easily.

Being low on confidence

If you are low on confidence, you may not attract an audience after you have been attacked. This usually happens among young adolescents as they may be too embarrassed to demand attention.

What should you do after being attacked by the robbers?

Call the police immediately: Avoid entertaining delays after any robbery attack and call the police instantly; this may hasten the suspect's arrest. If your phones have been taken by the robbers, seek help from a neighbour to make the call on your behalf.

Prevent neighbours from the crime scene: If the police have not yet arrived, stop sympathizers and witnesses from perambulating the crime scene. Important evidential materials may be distorted or tampered with. Witnesses may be asked to remain on the premises until the police arrive.

Do not touch or discuss the incident: As much as possible, avoid narrating the incident to people. Safe your breath and strength for the right authority. You will have ample time when the crime scene experts arrive. Handling objects already touched by the robbers may interfere or destroy fingerprint samples.

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