Can you lift your wife like this, men?
To help husbands show their strength, the wives volunteer to be "weightlifting" for them to practice.

Weightlifting is a sport popular among men because it is good for the body and helps them strengthen their muscles.

Taking inspiration from this sport, some couples in this hilarious clip create a very unique exercise. To do this exercise, the wife will lie flat and fixed as the "weightlifting" on the bed while the husband uses his arms to lift the entire body of the wife up and repeat this move several times. The actions of husbands are like they are weight training exercises and push-up exercises.

Image is cut from clip.

Image is cut from clip

After being widely shared on the social networks, this exercise seems to be becoming a hot trend for people especially young couples who want to try. One netizen excitedly commented: "oh my god! they are so strong, I would like to try with my girlfriend".

Image is cut from clip

Image is cut from clip

Similarly, not long ago, an Indian man was called "man has steel beard" by netizens when he used his beard to lift his wife up. Moreover, he could also lift many heavy things up thanks to his beard.

"man has steel beard"

The strength of the men is amazing. Can you lift your wife like this, men? Let's try to challenge your body.

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