Baby reacts to her father's voice when he sings
"OMG, I don't like your voice."

Lullaby is one of the effective way to make baby sleep quickly. By singing lullabies to your child you are giving them so many things that they find soothing: their preferred voice, rhythmic and patterned sounds, movement and a calm and relaxing atmosphere.However, the baby in the video has a contrary reaction. This emotional baby hates it when its dad is singing, but loves when its mum sings.

The footage, captured on February 12 at home in Chelsea, London, shows three-month-old Emma crying as her father, Chris Russell, sings "Somewhere over the Rainbow".

Surprisingly, her mother then manages to calm her down by singing "My Girl".

But Chris finds his daughter's reaction to his singing hilarious and breaks into song again, leaving the little girl in tears once more.

The mother later wrote online: ''When Chris was a baby himself, he had a musical box that played this song, so he is fond of the song and wanted to impart this to Emma.

''It comes as a surprise she does not like 'Somewhere over the Rainbow' because when she was in the womb, her father would sing it to her.

''We are not sure why she likes 'My Girl' sung by her mother Louise Tucker better, but it certainly makes her happier.''

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Watching video:

Source: Newsflare


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