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Adorable moment of the super 3-month-old baby weight "lifting"
The footage shows the lovely scene of a 3-month-old weightlifter with his dad.

Weight lifting is one of the most well-known Olympics sport using strength combining specialized techniques or weightlifting with the maximum weight as much as possible. The gymnasts who participate in this kind of sport is expected to be muscular men and women pulling up very heavy weights. But have you ever seen a baby does such thing?

The strong baby is weightlifting 

The video filmed in Texas, USA in February shows the little boy pushing the small weight up as if he's bench pressing. The mini "superman" looks so serious but he managed to do it without any effort.

However in fact his father was doing it for him

However, the truth is there was his dad actually weightlifting for him. However it really looked like he could do it on own with his expression.

In the future he will be the real gymnast

Weightlifting is a sport that has a variety of effects that help the athlete perform the purpose outlined to achieve the best exercise performance. Here are some of the basic benefits of weightlifting that everyone knows when it comes to learning about the subject:

- Improve your strength: Not only does your body look beautiful, weightlifting exercises are an important foundation for improving your strength, increasing your energy every day to keep you fit, stronger and healthy.

- Increased jumping ability: Weight lifting is not only to help athletes to improve health but also to increase the ability to jump at a higher speed than normal.

- Increased running speed: Starting power is reflected in the ability to overcome resistance to start a move. In weightlifting competition, the starting point is when you lift the weight off the floor. For the 100 m run, the starting power is the first stride. When performing the right posture exercise weight lifting will achieve the effect of speeding up quickly.

Failure to do so will result in injury, especially to newcomers. Therefore, when practicing and practicing weightlifting, athletes need to consult with their coaches before starting workouts to prevent injuries that affect the best health.

Watch video:

Credit: Newsflare

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