7 super easy ways to store your hair stuff
These 7 ways to organize are bomb and will help you keep everything in place for the special date nights.

Reaching for your flat iron, curling iron or hair dryer in the mornings is like reaching into a mystery grab bag… Your hair styling tools are so unorganized! So, there are 7 totally clever ways to organize hair styling tools. From repurposing a file box or magazine holder to building your own custom organization station, you’ll find a way to tidy up your tools and get your bathroom or vanity organized here.

1. Magazine file

Attach a magazine holder to the wall or to the inside of a cabinet to hold your hair dryer, flat iron, and curling irons. Such a simple idea, but brilliant!

2. Magnetic tape

Use magnetic tape for perfect bobby pins and stick on the mirror. You can find them any time you want easily.

3. Mini storage containers

Use empty containers to store small items.

4. Beauty products

Use baking trays and small marbles to create beauty products holder that can rotate and grab items easily.

5. Pills organizer

Use pills organizer to classify what items you will use on any day, convenient and save time.

6. Keychain

Use a keychain to store hair bands. Now your hair bands will not be in one place anymore.

7. Adhesive hooks

One family built a hair organizing station that’s simply brilliant. Towel hooks are placed above, and the hair tools are hidden away until they’re needed.

Hang your hair styling tools on the inside of your cabinet using minimal space by making use of command hooks. Aren’t command hooks the handiest things ever?

Hopefully this will be useful for you to store your hair stuff!

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Source reference: Sherry Maldonado

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